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There is a museum in central Kyiv called the Holodomor Museum. As I’m writing this, I hope it’s still there.

It documents one of the most horrific events in history: the deliberate starvation—via famine--of the people of the Ukraine. Who were the perpetrators? The Stalinist regime that controlled the then Soviet Union.

What I’d like you to do is to take a look at as many of these sources as you are able on the Holodomor:

And then, using the readings and what you know, let’s post on this:

  • What does the Holdomor show us about the relationship between Russia (the former Soviet Union) and the Ukraine?
  • What do these events reveal about using food and deprivation as weapons to destroy a population?
  • How do you think these events factor into the legacy of the Russian role in the Ukraine today, 90 years after the fact?
  • And what are you left wondering about with respect to Russia and Ukraine in 2022 and beyond?
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