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what was the Holodomor and what does it have to do with Ukraine in 2022

The Holodomor shows us that there is conflict between Ukraine and Russia and Russia wants to have control over Ukraine. Russia does not care for Ukrainian independence and wants to take power away from Ukraine and for themselves. The Russians are not hesitant to kill Ukrainians since millions are estimated to have died in the genocide and now there is a war in which more innocent people are being killed.

These events reveal to us that there doesn’t necessarily have to be violence to destroy a population and using food and deprivation as weapons is extremely effective. It is horrifying to think that something so essential and seems so obvious that everyone deserves it could be taken away purposefully. Taking away food makes the population weak and vulnerable and is a less apparent method of killing, since it could be blamed on naturally caused famine or other natural causes, instead of an organized genocide.

I think these events factor into the legacy of the role of Russia in Ukraine today because there is already tension between the countries and history of Russia mistreating the people of Ukraine. It makes it worse that Russia does not acknowledge the genocide and claims that the war right now is to “save” Ukraine. There has already been the effect of Russia on Ukraine where they killed so many people and now it is happening again, this time in a war.

I am left wondering how long this war will last and what are Putin’s goals by invading Ukraine. What will happen to the people of Ukraine as well as Russia and how will this conflict end?

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