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Xenophobia and Hate Crimes in the Era of COVID

After reading the articles, I recognized that Asian American hate has been going on for a long time. In the Harvard Gazette article, “The scapegoating of Asian Americans”, Liz Meneo—the author of the article—comments how since the 1800s there has been a history of Asian American hate. In 1871, there was a massacre of Chinese residents of Los Angeles’ Chinatown and in 1882, the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act reflected the anti-Asian bigotry of the era. During WWII, the image of Chinese changed to being somewhat of a “favorable Asian group” whilst there was an extreme hate targeting of Japanese immigrants and residents because of WWII. During the ‘60s, the KKK targeted Vietnamese refugees because the United States was in the midst of a conflict in Vietnam and many Americans felt that all Vietnamese were both Communist and our enemy.

I think most people are unaware of the history of Asian American hate because they are either ignorant or naive and in both cases they just don’t care about how bad the situation is. They would rather blindly “other” Asian Americans then support them.

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