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Who is the "We" and Who is the "They"?

In Charlottesville there was a group of peaceful protesters protesting against racism and as with many protests there were counter protesters who were Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. This wasn’t just like every protest though. It became very violent with little to no action from police officers to de-escalate the situation. This resulted in an act of domestic terrorism where someone drove their vehicle into the peaceful protesters, killing one person. In the video, the Neo-Nazis often chant the mantra “you will not replace us”. They feel that they are being replaced in society because other people are getting more rights. They’ve learned about big movements that have brought about change and see it as their mission to stop any more change from happening. Somehow they get the idea that they’re in danger, which is strange because they’ve held the power in this country since its origin. In the future it seems like it will stay completely the same or even get worse because nothing is being done to stop it. Protests are more popular and larger because more people are able to get word of protests happening and are able to come from far distances, which means counter protesters can do the same.

This violence and other violence outside of protests is mainly as a result of grouping people together by their race and stereotyping the whole group of people. There is divide and fear because of this. White supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups play into this to reqruit new members like the video showed. They are able to spin the truth and feed it to fearful people, and it works. An example of this would be in the prison system where people tend to group themselves based on race to protect themselves. They are in fear for their lives and this grouping of people contributes to them associating certain groups as dangerous or bad and others, like white supremacists, as protectors and good. White supremacists know this and use it to push their agenda onto these people and they’re hooked immediately. Whether it’s originally just for protection and they disagree or if they agree to some extent, those feelings of hatred become real at some point and it’s dangerous.

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