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Understand Your Thoughts

Children learn to discriminate at school, at home, on TV, through social media (which is becoming increasingly common), through friends, and basically by their surroundings. Because children are undeveloped, whatever they are told or taught, they believe. Some discrimination may come from nature, like how we are able to tell genders apart, but I truly believe that discrimination and treating somebody different because of what they look like is taught. But can discrimination taught at a young age be undone? Honestly, I think yes. But it takes a lot more to undo it than to implant it. Personally, I feel like the only way to undo it is for the discriminator to understand what they’re doing. They’re actions. How they treat others. And once they understand this, they can make a change. I know people get more stubborn throughout the years (Maybe it’s just my family..) and refuse to change their opinions, whether it be what we’re eating for dinner or who they should vote for. As the quote once goes “you can’t change a person who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.” Discriminating most likely doesn’t affect this person's day to day life, but rather the person or group of people they’re discriminating against.

When I got my IAT results, they said I was neutral on the skin color preference scale. I’m not surprised, because I was raised in the city and went to preschools with mixed races (mainly hispanic), and my elementary school was mainly asian. I was raised in a very liberal household, accepting of all people, and my friends growing up came from all different backgrounds. I think taking this test every few months will be something to keep in mind, because recognizing your thoughts and actions is such an important step in undoing the discriminatory lessons you’ve been taught.

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