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Only 30 years ago?

I am honestly quite surprised, I did not know that Germany was united just 30 years ago. It is very interesting just how separate East and West Germany was, as I just thought they were both Germany. The leader of Germany was very happy, wanting to celebrate this occasion and I totally understand. After many years of hatred and separation, it makes sense to me why they would want to celebrate its end by bringing people together. I wish Covid-19 had not interfered with this. Maybe i 2040, when it is the 50 year anniversary (if we are still around) there will be a large and joyous celebration, with no virus to ruin it. It is so interesting how similar to the United States it is, with reference to an old flag that is not in use anymore and never will be is still used, almost like the Confederate flag of America. It is so interesting that the computer is older and has been around longer than unified Germany

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Thirty years after Germany's unification

"People celebrating on top of the Wall, crying tears of joy and embracing each other [or] Soldiers and officers of the People’s Police laying down their guns." - I remember that time I watched (unwittingly) documentaries of the DDR on the TV as a little kid. Like, for example, when David Hesselhof sung "Looking for Freedom" in a skewed tone, or these moving scenes where people from each side could finally clasp in one's arms. And these events were only thirty years ago. Thirty years that the deadly shooting at the wall was put to an end. Unbelieavable that my parents witnessed a time, in which 140 innocent lives would be taken and little children would be shot for such things as trying to get back their ball.

Thankfully that's in the past (although it's utterly important to never forget such atrocities and, at least, to learn from past mistakes). Germany recovered greatly and grew back only stronger. As many of you said, there are still big differences which should not be there after thirty years, e.g. the still existing pay gap or the underrepresentation of a east government on a confederative level, but these disparities are decreasing step-by-step. As far as I can see these differences do not concern the cohesion of our country really that much. Yes, discriminaton still exists unfortunately, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that "Ossis" are regarded as second class citizens, imo that's simply not the case.

The only thing which is really concerning to me is the rise of extremist parties, especially that of the AFD (Alternative of Germany). For instance, 10 percent more voters in comparison to other states like Bavaria should be a great wakening call for everyone.

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