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Second Hand Embarrassment

As difficult and angering as it was to observe, there’s no denying that the debate was pathetically funny to watch. It was funny in the sense that these two grown men were yelling and interrupting each other on national television, not in the sense that unfortunately one of them is going to run the country for the next four years. There were multiple instances in which I thought that something one or both of them said would fit perfectly in an SNL skit, proving just how much of a joke the “debate” was, if you could even call it that. I say “debate” because both parties constantly dodged questions and brought up completely random new topics that had no value to those watching. A speaking method I heard over and over was one party speaking about something very loosely related to what the moderator asked and bringing up something random about the opposing party, the opposing party saying that what was brought up was untrue and then turning it around and attacking the original party. I also found that both parties were acting very unprofessional, by no surprise. The way they were constantly interrupting not only each other but also the moderator makes me fear for how they will either continue to act or start to act when they become president. I thought Trump bringing up Biden’s son who passed away as well as his son who previously had drug issues was completely below the belt, but what more did we truly expect from him.
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Waste of Time

This debate was a joke. I still can’t believe that I decided to watch through the whole debate, even though I still had a lot of homework left. That was a mistake.

The debate was so hectic with Trump and Biden talking over each other. There were very few moments during the debate where one person could talk without getting interrupted. Some moments that stood out to me were when both of them insulted each other. Biden called Trump a “clown” and told him to shut up. I would have never thought I would hear those things being said in a presidential debate. When it comes to their plans for America, I honestly don't recall anything meaningful that they said. I only remember Biden repeated telling the American people to go out and vote. He said this in the case of the new supreme court seat and the current presidential election.

All I saw from this debate was that Trump is not fit to be a leader. The fact that Trump couldn’t find it in himself to condemn white supremacists shows that if he gets reelected, America will be more divided than it already is. Someone who is racist can’t be the leader of a country who is made of immigrants. In terms of Biden, even though I don’t agree with all of his views, I think that he is the better fit when compared to Trump. Biden actually talked to the American people as a whole, unlike Trump, who tried to further attract his supporters.

This first debate will have a huge impact on the coming election. I agree with @muumihalit on how I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden opts out of more debates. Even though the debate was a disaster, I think Biden won the debate solely based on how Trump didn’t condemn white supremacists. I also think that if Trump wins, the days following election day will be a debacle. Many people have had enough of Trump and I do not think they would simply allow him to get reelected.

In response to @Imposter, the position the American people are in right now is truly depressing. Neither candidates we have right now would be ideal for America. It is unfortunate that we have to vote for who we rather have, rather than who we want as president.

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Just... What?

Honestly I'm at a loss for words. It's not that I'm angry, or sad about the state our country is in, I'm just disappointed. How does a respectable debate where each person vying for their presidency attempts to convince the country why they should lead us turn into a three way argument between three adult men. Both Trump and Biden acted completely unprofessionally. Trump was a disgrace and continuously interrupted, lied, and dodged questions throughout the entire debate, not caring about what he said or how he looked, only caring about making Biden seem worse. He never told his plans and essentially spent the entire debate cutting off Biden and Wallace mid sentence, debating with Wallace, and never letting anyone finish a sentence. Even during the four minutes where both sides agreed to give each other a free two minutes to speak uninterrupted, Trump couldn't help himself from cutting Biden off.

On the other hand, Biden did better, but not by a whole lot. He started out well, but as soon as he saw the way this debate was going, he began to shoot back at Trump. It showed me that neither Trump nor Biden could take criticism without keeping the rules in mind or keeping a strait train of thought. Biden lost his cool at multiple points, calling Trump names and telling him to "Shut up." Biden also made quite a few mistakes, dodging a couple questions, though not to the length of Trump, and never finishing telling us his whole plan without allowing himself to be interrupted. Chris Wallace kept his cool the best, but wasn't able to do anything to control Trump's outbursts. Even if either Trump or Biden spoke about their plans, what they said was just forgotten about in the wave of disappointment as Biden continued to shoot back and Trump continued to make false claims and interrupt everyone. The rudeness of President Trump and the frequent unprofessionalism of Former Vice President Biden made me less than hopeful for the results of this upvcoming election.

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After watching the debate I felt both embarrassed and scared. I am scared for the future because we have so many important issues that need to be addressed in our country and the two candidates spent the debate battling, interrupting and attacking each other. The constant interrupting was extremely inappropriate and unprofessional. Trump interrupted Biden 73 times, and even made insensitive insults about both his sons, one who has died because of cancer, and one who struggled with a drug addiction and those comments were inappropriate to use as an insult against Biden.

I wished that I heard more about the policies that each president was going to enforce if they were president in 2020. They spent about 20 minutes talking about the coronavirus which was the longest they had talked about a topic, which is very disappointing. I wish I heard more policies about health care and how we are focusing on ending systemic racism and climate change. Instead, Trump told his white surpremist supporters to “stand down, and stand by” instead of condemning them. I didn’t learn much about their plans for the nation because they spent most of their time trying to mock or tear each other down. I am upset with both candidates because of the way they acted instead of trying to focus on policies and the plans for the nation.

I learned that Trump supports the white supremesits (which isn’t much surprise), because he is bigoted and a narcissist and I saw how Trump called Biden’s son who passed away from cancer a loser, which reflects on his character a lot and shows how he is truly a horrible person with no sense of morals. I felt Biden could have done a better job of controlling his anger towards Trump but I would be very upset if someone had insulted my family members too.

I think this debate will insert more fear into the American people for the future of this country. I also worry about voter turnout. I feel that these debates are more targeted at people who are undecided and after watching this debate I believe people will just not vote because they are so unsure and horrified by the candidates. I am very worried for November 3rd because even though Biden isn’t the best candidate, he is much better than Trump, and I will be so afraid for this country and my future if Trump is elected for 4 more years.

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An Ultimatum for the Voters

After watching the debate and hearing discussions and seeing posts on social media about it, I am scared. It’s sad to see that our presidential candidates can’t hold a civil conversation without being disrespectful towards one another. There was barely any information about their plans and policies, and was more of a catfight. It’s hard seeing such an ultimatum put into place for the voters. It’s either living in a country where POC, women, and the LGBTQ+ community will not be accepted or treated fairly. Or living in a country working towards progressiveness.

One of the reasons I say it was like a catfight was that Biden and Trump kept interrupting each other. They could barely get their ideas out without the other butting in, it got to a point where Biden told Trump to shut up. Biden telling Trump to shut up really made me feel that honestly in this class we have better discussions, than that horrid debate. Another key moment from the debate that gave me chills and makes me scared for the future is Trump not condemning the white supremacy groups such as the KKK. As a POC, I am so scared. Our current president literally told white supremacists groups to stand by, if that doesn’t give you the chills I don’t know what will. Trump also said that he did the most for African Americans with the exception of Lincoln, he says this yet doesn’t condemn a hate group that directly targets African Americans. Throughout the debate there wasn’t much I learned about their plans. Some things I did learn were that Trump wanted to repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act), but Biden was committed to it. Through all the arguing,Trump dodged questions and barely talked about his plans and Biden although being the choice for very radical leftists, had more moderate ideas like not defunding the police.

Both candidates showed their character through this debate. To start, as I mentioned before, they could barely get out any words without interruption from the other. As adults and as so-called “respected politicians' ', it baffles me how childish they got. Another thing I took away from the debate is that Trump’s method for this debate was to try and degrade Biden. He caled him dumb, but also brought up personal information that had nothing to do with the questions. I saw a tweet online from @sitwithwhit that said, “How can we possibly eliminate mental health stigma when we have a leader who uses someone's child’s addiction and mental health history as a means to discredit them during an argument?”. This really shows how Trump invalidates and mocks mental health and addiction tries to use it as a negative against Biden. I think character is very relevant to leadership. If I have to be a good example for my younger sibling, then I strongly believe that a president should be a good role model and person for the whole country. Someone with bad character is not fit for leadership because without good character, there is not trust built. I think this debate will affect the election because of how they acted, some people may not want to vote at all. Although I don’t agree with it, people may just not vote because they don’t like either candidate. I think also this debate just emphasizes the two very different choices people will have to choose from. I think that Trump supporters will of course, vote for Trump, but everyone else will have to settle for Biden, not vote or be convinced by either Trump or Biden to vote for them in the next debates, if there even will be one.

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One of my history teachers once told me that the first 30 minutes of the presidential debates are the most important because that is the only part that most people pay attention to. I don't think that applies to this debate. This was like a train wreck, it's so awful but you can't look away. I think that it is very interesting to compare this debate to Trump’s debate with Hillary Clinton. Clinton started the debate with a comment on Trump’s character and was criticised for it, last night Trump made personal attacks on Joe Biden from the beginning. Trump said that Biden was not personally capable of doing as much as Trump did in response to the coronavirus. I think that the fact that he targeted Biden personally shows that he is not concerned about the US, he is only concerned about personal victories. Trump has a gigantic ego, he can't stand to be wrong, every time that Biden said anything against Trump, Trump interjected. Trump’s continuous interruptions and how he spoke a lot of words, but said nothing showed that he was unprepared for this debate and he was just trying to overpower Biden to show that he is the “stronger” candidate. Trump said multiple times that Biden was against law and order and against the police when Biden's running mate is Kamala Harris! Trump that makes no sense! Trump sounded like a toddler, you could tell that he was getting defensive and taking everything personally. I think that Biden handled himself very well compared to Trump. Even though he did eventually start arguing back with Trump, he was able to be relatively calm. I think that addressing the people of the US was very affective on Bidens part because Trump only focused on himself so it showed the people that he was focused on them. Trump's remarks on Biden’s sons were so uncalled for. It shows how Trump views addicts and members of the military and it shows that he lacks so much empathy. Biden appealed to the viewers emotionally with his response which I think was very smart. This was the most chaotic debate I’ve ever watched but I think that it was a clear W for Biden. I think that people try to make Biden seem small, they make fun of the way he speaks and try to make him seem dumb. Last night proved that Biden is able to handle himself against someone so loud as Trump. I am terrified for the outcome of this election. We all just watched Trump refuse to condemn white supremacists. I am scared of what Trump will do if he loses. He said that he is not willing to accept the outcome of the election and this is not the first time that he has said that. I'm not sure what he means by that or what he plans to do should he lose and I don't think I want to find out.
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What Was That...

This is the first Presidential Debate I have ever seen. Before watching this, I thought it was going to be boring and something I would think is serious, but I was SO wrong. Even though it felt like I was watching something I would see on SNL, I was so confused. I’m glad I had the same idea as @eastbostonsavingsbank when we both mentioned SNL because it all seemed like a skit and a whole comedic act. I thought debates are supposed to help voters determine who to vote for, but this… was just something else.

There were so many moments that left me in disbelief. In the beginning, when both candidates had to address the pandemic, they gave us stats of cases. Trump not only called the pandemic a “China plague” once, but multiple times which was disappointing because this was already an issue with Anti-Asian racism at the start of the pandemic. I would think he would learn from that, but no. Trump also directly called out Biden for wearing the “biggest mask [he has] ever seen” which I think proves he thinks this whole pandemic is a joke. Kind of ironic how he’s rumored to have the virus right now.

Another moment that most of my peers have already mentioned during class was the way Trump would not condemn white supremacy and even telling Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” which has already riled up that group’s attention. It was just so hard to watch Wallace and Biden continuously asking him to condemn white supremacy and Trump avoiding the topic once again. It didn’t sit right with me.

Most of the debate was bickering and talking over one another, so it was difficult to tell what their exact plans for the nation were, but it felt like Biden was looking into starting his own issue on climate change and not acknowledging the Green New Deal which was interesting for me to hear. As for Trump, he decided to approach climate change with forest management. That definitely gave me a little chuckle. I can tell that Biden is not really assertive because there were moments where I thought he could have spoken up a little more or even talk more about his own plans than constantly putting blame on other people. It’s not a surprise for Trump to act like this, but I noticed that it was very strategic for him to bring up topics that were completely off to throw the audience off from what they were supposed to address. After this first debate, I agree with @JokerBra, “both Trump and Biden did not present themselves very well and maybe even scared off some voters, but not from voting for them, but to vote at all.” Maybe Biden’s constant reminders to vote throughout the whole Debate were not the best use of time. With the topics, both candidates have addressed, they all seem hesitant and unlikely to make the change that they have promised.

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More of an Argument than a Debate

I think we can all agree that hands down the best part of this debate was Chris Wallace's comments and reactions in being the moderator. It was surprising to me that it seemed to be more informal, more arguing, and more rough than you would expect from two presidential candidates. The candidates made many of their arguments personal when it was unnecessary and that took away from hearing what their plans were if elected. I think the most notable thing in this debate was trump's failure to denounce white supremacy when given an explicit opportunity to do so. The point of presidential debates is to help undecided voters to choose who to vote for, but honestly I feel like undecided voters are few and far between. There were only a few new point of view presented that could help undecided voters choose. Among these were Biden saying he wouldn't defund the police. I think this is notable because it shows that he isn't always as radical as people think.

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More spectacular than politics

I cannot say whether the discussion has achieved very much. I got the impression that the two candidates were only accusing each other. Trump, in particular, has brought very little productive action. But even Biden could not name anything important due to the interruptions of Trump. In general I had the impression of a spectacle for the people as a politically important debate.
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An Embarrassing Mockery

This debate was embarrassing and pathetic. The fact that one of these two men will be our president is not only annoying and embarrassing, but also scary. Both of them spent barely any time talking about their own actual policy, and more time talking about Obama and COVID-19. It really is sad that our two presidential candidates, one of which will represent our country, cannot have a civil, healthy debate without outrageous amounts of interruption and sheer disrespect. One thing that was particularly eye-opening was that Trump did not condemn white supremacists when asked.

As I said before, not much of the time was spent discussing actual policy, rather just interrupting and talking about COVID-19 for the most part. According to CBS news, Trump interrupted Biden some 73 times during the debate. This debate got nowhere in terms of progression and actual description of policy. The two first talked over healthcare, and the bickering had already begun. It got to the point where Biden had become so agitated that he said things like “clown,” “will you shut up man,” and “keep yapping man.” Trump brought Biden’s personal life into the debate which was totally uncalled for. He talked about Biden’s son, Hunter, and about his drug abuse and getting kicked out of the Navy in 2014. When talking about the Coronavirus, Biden mentioned that Trump “panicked” over it, and also said that a lot more people are going to die from it if Trump doesn’t “[get] a lot smarter, a lot quicker.”

I didn’t think that Trump could get any more disrespectful than he already was, but this debate clearly proved me wrong. Trump was just trying to degrade Biden, and this showed that he clearly doesn’t care about the American people. He should have just minded his own and discussed policy, but instead turned it into a catfight. The disrespect was mutual between the two. Biden did not shy away from commenting on Trump's presidency, but didn’t go to the extent that Trump did, talking about personal and family life. Character is definitely relevant to leadership. I don’t want someone who is as disrespectful as Trump to be the face of our country. It’s embarrassing and makes our nation look like a mockery.

Sadly, since this debate got nowhere in terms of actual policy, I think it was a waste of 90 minutes and will not play any role in the election. I believe that very few people changed their vote solely over this election. Hopefully they actually end up having more, with more regulation, and more control from the moderator.

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Unprofessional Presidents

This debate was very hard to watch. It felt like nothing either of the candidates was saying could have any repercussions. The amount of interruptions made it impossible to understand what each candidate was saying in response to the moderators questions. A moment that stood out to me was when Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists when given the chance. He even told the Proud Boys, a violent white supremacy group to “stand by”. It was amazing to me how the President of the United states could get away with saying something like that on national television, it only makes it worse that he said it during a presidential debate and people still support him. Unfortunately I did not learn very much about either candidate's plans for the nation. Although both candidates attempted to share their plans the interruptions and overspeaking made it very confusing to follow along. President Trump did say he was against Big Pharma, which greatly confused me because he also talked about how he will have big pharma produce the vaccine for coronavirus. I was super confused by this because he spoke out about how unfair big pharma’s pricing is, even mentioning that he knows how to get “insulin so cheap it’s like water” meanwhile many americans are paying ridiculous amounts for insulin every day just so they can stay alive. I really learned a lot about the character of each person when Trump belittled Biden's family. It was hard to watch Trump attack Biden about something so personal, one son a veteran died of brain cancer and the other is still battling addiction. Trump had absolutely no respect for Biden's loss, or his son hunters struggle with a horrible disease that millions of Americans also combat. I definitely think character is relevant to leadership. If you can not care or respect the troubles of one person, how can you possibly be expected to do so for millions of Americans. I do think the debate will have an impact on the 2020 election. Many people who watched got to see in real time how unpredictable our current president is, and hopefully this will inspire them to help choose another candidate.
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Disappointed but not surprised

Watching the first presidential left me, as usual, disappointed but not surprised. Not only have these debates become merely a big spectacle for the world to watch but it misses the point of a serious line of argumentation about policies. There were many ad hominem arguments and groundless accusations coming from both sides, interrupting, and bashing the opponent inappropriately. It feels like two children pointing fingers at each other, not two grown men who should know better how to have an adult discussion.

Neither Trump nor Biden discussed any policy fully but rather took the posed question as a jumping point to attack the opponent on a personal level. For Trump this is an additional way of firehosing and shifting the overton window (as he has been the last years) some more. Firehosing is a propaganda technique where people get bombarded with more lies than they can keep up with. So when Trump states this obvious lie of him paying millions of tax dollars, it’s not about him passing the lie off as true but to assert that, after these four years of him in office, he still isn’t constrained from reality. The overton window describes a concept in political science where ideas proposed in that window are seen as normal and expected by the public. Anything outside that window is perceived as ridiculous, radical, and unthinkable. So, with these bold statements and actions that he’s taking (not condemning white supremacy, playing down the Coronavirus, etc.) Trump is intentionally shifting the overton window into the unthinkable, fascist section of the spectrum, leaving everything before that seem not so bad in comparison. This leaves no room for a serious policy debate.

Biden on the other hand, was as reserved and moderate as always. After all what has happened over the course of the last months, he still doesn’t openly support the Black Lives Matter movement. He isn’t changing the systems he’s benefitting from and he shouldn’t be the saving hope. This is unacceptable. This shouldn’t be a choice between the lesser evil.

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Trump is not a clown. He's the whole circus.

Hello everybody, Greetings from the Reuchlin-Gymnasium in Bavaria!

Although the debate was four days ago, I still keep coming back and watch some clips. The "Just shut up, man" or Biden being completely fed up with Trump is just too hilarious. Unfortunately these two candidates don't battle for a place in the kindergarten but one of the most powerful positions in the world.

What really stood out to me was Trumps childish behavior. I think the amount of interuptions ecxeed the 70 times mark. I really can't believe that this swellhead does represent the US. My sympathies. Of course, Biden did not behave presidential either, but his manner was far more understandable and reputable.

Another shocking thing for me was Trumps complete stubborness regarding the virus. The US has still the most active cases, cases is general and sadly the most deaths. And Trump still can't put his pride aside and admit his mistakes. Blaming China for the virus is one thing, blaming China for your own disability in the matter of dealing with Covid-19 is another. He's in charge and he has the power to prevent the virus from spreading, but what does he do: Mocking Biden for wearing a mask. Does he not understand that Biden wants to set a good example, like calling indirectly on everyone to adhere corona regulations and to bear in mind that the virus is still a thing? Ironically, he is now infected with the virus, a prime example of karma.

I only hope that for next debates some rules of conversation get introduced, otherwise a good and constructive debate won't take place and the "toddler argueing" will continue. What was a little bit off imo was Wallace's bias, e.g. wishing Biden "good luck" to not be interrupted in his 2 minute speech is definetely a no go. I can understand why he did that, but for me a moderator in such a debate with this extent should be completely neutral, indifferent how the candidates represent themselves.

I recommend this fact checking video from NowThis News! Trump is really the embodiment of lies.

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That Was Hard to Watch....

Allow me to start off by saying that I have never watched a presidential speech nor debate in my life. Everything that I have learned about Trump and Biden has been from the news. This was my first opportunity to see and listen to the thoughts, ideas, and true characters of those two men. Before I got the chance to watch the debate, so many people were already posting about it on social media. How “embarrassing” it was to see Trump, Biden, and the moderator struggle for a chance to speak. I didn’t think those tense moments would occur early on, but they did. Those disturbances then continued on through the rest of the debate.

I feel so much second-hand embarrassment, as the majority of my classmates aboved. I truly think that is the best way I can describe my emotions. Imagine having so much influence— taking the stage for the entire world to watch—just to prove yourself an impatient and childish person? I think Biden spoke with so much poise and proper cadence for the event compared to his opponent. Rarely did he ever look toward Trump, who spewed incendiary words from left and right. I don’t know much about Biden. I know that many people are “settling” for him this election. But I now agree that he is, at least, a better man than Trump. Early on in the debate, Biden coined Trump a “liar.” His diction was aggressive, but from finishing the debate, I don’t think he was wrong. The way that leaders act is a clear factor in how they will lead. Biden was calm and collected through Trump’s tantrums, and having that type of control is necessary in any leader—especially when dealing with protests and international affairs.

I think the topic that stood out to me the most was COVID19. Because COVID affects any race, age, gender, religion, and class, I agree with the moderator that the topic was heavily weighed. I think the way that Trump tried to justify his poor leadership through the pandemic was sheer pandering. Biden pulled statistics off the top of his head: deaths, infection rates, total cases, etc., Trump tried to tell Biden that he was doing a great job based on his endorsers. Trump even mentioned a time when Fauci praised him, yet he failed to mention all those times when Fauci denounced his actions. This was truly the first time I got to witness Trump’s ways of twisting words. As someone who doesn’t keep up with politics every single day, I appreciated that Biden swiftly mitigated Trump’s accusations/points for the audience. It really helped me realize, “Wow, Trump really is a liar. Is there anything of great magnitude that he has actually done for America? Or was everything just a lie to get him into the seat?” After listening to Biden’s plans, I think I would vote for him if I were 18. They are better than Trump’s by a longshot, and very feasible, too.

In terms of the November 3rd election, I think this debate will definitely sway voters toward Biden. From his character to his policies, there is a lot that Biden does better than Trump. I think the most important part (outside of policies, because those are subjective to everyone’s preferences) is that Biden takes accountability for his actions. He has facts to back everything up. I did notice that Trump tries to pin all his workings on other people, thus convincing the audience that he is a notable and trustworthy leader. I hope Biden wins.

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