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The Ripple Effect

Given the selection criteria of community engagement, artistic vision, diversity, response to the environment and durability, all of the finalists seem to tick the box on the list. Although the exhibits featuring each submission was small and frankly, just a wall of text with blueprints and images detailing the artistic vision for their work, I spent a great deal rereading each submission statement and trying to imagine what they look like in conjointment with their provided images, as well as how they fit into Boston Common.

Out of the five finalists, I felt that the Ripple Effect is the best monument, followed by the Avenue of Peace. The monuments are impressive by themselves, but an important factor is how they are placed in Boston Common and how they engage the community of people who enter there on a daily basis. Boston Common is a place that I typically visit at least once a summer, and I enjoy the greenery, the flowers, the lake and swan boat ride that comes underneath the blazing hot sun. The bronze and cement statues of famous figures like George Washington, or of angels near fountains, as well as tall round structures and a playground make up the perfect definition of a community hang out spot, where we can admire history in bits and pieces, while still enjoying the space for the goodness it brings to us. That’s why adding a memorial dedicated to MLK and CSK in such an important and memorable place is a huge deal to me, since I have close ties to Boston Common.

Back to the finalists, I’ll go into Avenue of Peace, first. Aesthetically, the design is very pleasing; it has a mosaic pattern and the inclusion of olive branches, a known symbol of peace in some cultures, makes the monument seemingly park friendly. This monument is the fountain standing in the middle of an oval pool of water that allows for reflection of the environment and the people. Not to mention, the space around this fountain is said to “serve as an area for gathering.” Given how MLK and CSK were two people who met in Boston and were happily married, the oval design of the monument allows for one path to meet at the fountain on both sides, which strengthens this idea of coming together, and meeting, and to me, it’s really beautiful. What kind of throws me off, as TurnOverThisPage has mentioned in their post, is the reliance of a phone app to distribute information to the public about MLK. Parks are supposed to be about looking at nature and understanding something from it, but the phone app that the Avenue of Peace encourages people to use to understand history seems to take away from the experience of walking along the park, as opposed to simply following a lecture on foot. It tries to engage community participation, but it feels a little forced to me.

As for the Ripple Effect, which to most of everyone, is a popular choice, I happen to really like it myself. It’s a grand scale monument with cascading ripples spread across the ground, and two bells with a bridge of text. The two bells on the Beacon Towers are said to create “ripples that evoke the “ripple effect” of the words, actions and leadership of The Kings.” Given the context of MLK and his wife, the two are bells trying to call out and spread their messages across, which is well represented artistically here, and it draws people who read the messages in to know more. The bridge is also stated to be an important component of this monument, being made out of glass, it contains the history of MLK, while the surface reflects the reader as they look MLK and CSK’s history, but as at themselves. As underhill44 said, “people have to become involved by walking up to the Mound or by reading the Wall of Words.” What makes this monument a little better than Avenue of Peace, is that it doesn’t try to coerce the visitor to read, or listen. It will call, but it’s up to the person if they want to listen, if they want to reflect, and if they want to care. And that’s pretty important to think about if the builders decide to place this in Boston Common. In Boston Common where people can decide to walk, to care for the environment there and to do self-thinking, the Ripple Effect really encourages that too. It draws people willing to listen in, and teaches them that they can care about themselves, and loved ones. It combines the essence of group work and individual reflection. And in relation to MLK, the bridge that shows his timeline is stated to be left empty, showing that MLK’s past isn’t just an event from long ago that doesn’t have anything to do with us anymore, but that it still continues; we just have to make it happen.

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Martin Luther King jr/Coretta Scott king memorial

I feel that the best memorial to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King is the Boston King’s Memorial. One of the reasons I am choosing this one is because of its beauty. The models that you can see look inspirational. It just seems like such an honor to have something so nice built in memory and appreciation of you. I also like how it links back to one of Mr king’s speeches where he talks about a mountain and how you can look back on your past struggles but also look forward to the good things coming, this is just a really inspiring thought and i think that this monument would perfectly encapsulate the ideas that these brilliant people were trying to spread. We have to honor the beauty of the idea of having a path that can overlook one of the most beautiful places in boston and one of the oldest as well. One other person was talking about how she/he thought that the memorials were ugly, but I think that we need to look past just our first impressions of the project and see the true meaning behind it. They are trying to take one of Martin Luther King’s ideas and put it into work on his own memorial and I think that it is such a beautiful idea. The site is also engraved with words from both of these amazing people’s speeches and will be always open to the public which will make it even more special, it gives everyone the option to pay respect to these great people.
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Originally posted by ilovechocolate on October 08, 2018 08:59

Originally posted by Torino on October 07, 2018 18:24

Good Evening,

Hugs. Everyone loves a hug. This is why I decided to go with the Hank Willis Thomas with MASS Design Group’s memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King. This memorial will help bring people together, this is a memorial that everyone can understand and feel moved by. This memorial encapsulates Dr. King’s philosophy when he said in his “I have a Dream” speech that, “I have a dream that one day down in Alabama — with its vicious racists, with its Governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification — one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.”

This speech is the showing his principles of love and equality that would be expressed by this statue. I remember watching the news in 2017 at the height of the Neo-Nazi rallies and hearing this story about a black man who decided that a hug would be a better tool for understanding than hate would be. I was moved by this interaction, this exemplifies Dr. King’s principles of nonviolence and would be something that Dr. King would be proud of if he were alive today. I remember Michelle Obama saying that “When they go low, we go high.” This exemplifies the symbol of the statue, as I believe that hugs can concur anything.


(P.S. Here is the link to the protester hugging the Neo-Nazi:

Torino- I agree with your choice of monument, but only to some extent. You are not wrong, saying that "hugs *may* concur anything", as they are an act of peace, comfort and love. When I first saw all the monuments, this one struck me as the best visually. It was beautiful and moving and I really loved it. However, I don't find to be the most educationally productive. The monument itself literally glows and shines and will attract many based on its looks. It reminded me a lot of the Chicago Bean. Although it's looks are, I believe, superior to the other options, I don't think it will educate its visitors nearly as well as some of the other proposals. For example, while The Ripple Effect may not be as stunning as The Embrace, it is still visually moving and will definitely educate all of the visitors, students and teachers that come to Boston to see the monument.

Yes of course I agree with you about the fact that it looks like the Chicago Bean and it may not be the most educational monument but shouldn't we have a monument that brings people together. And plus if the monument isn't visually appealing then I don't really see the point. As a thought maybe the two designers could work together to create a monument that is both beautiful and educational.

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The Boston King Memorial

Honestly I agree with Miss Day on multiple points. most of the designs seemed to have a general good idea that they were thinking of when designing these monuments but when it actually comes to designs most of the memorials fall a little flat. I did think that all of the designs had potential though and if they had certain design changes prior to actually being built they could all be arguably the best. My personal favorite though was the Boston King Memorial.

The concept of a bridge is something that would be unique and interesting to interact with. The bridge also doesn't seem to be finished which implies that there is still work to be done to make a better and more inclusive America. I think that this memorial has the most impactful and thought through meaning. Along with that, the text that goes along with the memorial seems to just be quotes that are short and to the point making visitors more likely to read them. Plus because this is supposed to be a memorial for both Dr. King and Coretta Scott King it doesn't seem to have too much of a focus on just MLK Jr. which I feel that some of the other designs (like the Pulpit) seem to have. The Avenue of Piece seems a little too much like other art installations in Boston and I think would easily be overlooked as well as the fact that it doesn't seem to relate to the Kings as much as the others. I agree with Torino that love is a more effective way of making change and growing as a people but the design of the Embrace is frankly overwhelming and claustrophobic.. The same message could be achieved with the Boston King Memorial where we should build bridges to fix problems rather than walls (looking at you US government). Finally I find that the Ripple Effect was a pretty strong design but it seemed to be lacking in the actual message core to the point of why we are building a memorial. It looks very nice but I think there should be a bit more obvious message with this memorial so that anyone could understand what the purpose is easily so that as many people would be affected as possible.

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Originally posted by Shelly on October 08, 2018 14:17

Hi all,

I looked through all five finalists, and I felt that this one was the best choice for a new memorial. Today, the world is always sharply divided. People rarely ever find common ground with others anymore. It used to be on little things such as what mayor would be best for us, but now, disagreements have snowballed into people screaming at each other and getting into fistfights at protests. Nowadays, people of different political parties very rarely even talk to each other. The whole world is on edge, and I feel like we all need to take a breath and just embrace each other. I am not meaning everyone just going around hugging each other, but I mean we all need to embrace our similarities and differences so that we see that in the end, we are all pretty similar, and we have no need to fight. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted for us all to live and work together in peace, and I feel that with this monument, we are honoring him and what he stood for. Both M.L.K. and Coretta Scott King wanted for people in this world- regardless of race, gender, and sexuality to all live together, and not fight. We have strayed away from their paths that they laid out for us, and this memorial will help us remember to get back on the right track. The mirrored Bronze that the statue is made out of will help us reflect on ourselves, both figuratively, and literally, for we will be able to look at ourselves through it like a mirror. Also, this statue is the perfect size for the area, and it will not disturb the terrain of the area too greatly after it is built. "Embrace" is also in a central enough area in the common that all people will be able to see it- whether it be from the street, or a building overlooking the common, or inside of the monument itself. To conclude, I feel like this monument is a perfect fit for the city of Boston, given recent world events and Martin Luther King Jr.'s reasons to be the man who he was.

I hope you all enjoyed this and don't be afraid to comment!



I completely agree. The embrace bring people together instead of pushing them apart, as a country we are very divided politically especially around issues of parties. We should absolutely have a two party system but maybe it should be a little less divided. When Obama was elected for a second term I remember hearing Mitch McConnell say that he would fight everything that Obama had done, especialy since the Republicans had control over both the Senate and the House.

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The Ripple Effect

By far, the most visually pleasing monument was the Empty Pulpit Monument. The contrast between the dark stone and the gold grabbed my attention. The lights that comes on at night are metaphorical for what MLK and CSK accomplished. It brings attention to the lasting impact of MLK and Coretta Scott King by displaying their powerful words and characterizing them as “beacons of light”. However, the monument itself doesn’t inform the public at all of their history, both in Boston and overall. It serves more as something for people to look at versus doing justice to the effect that MLK and CSK had on America and Boston.

Although none of the monument really emphasized MLK and CSK’s time in Boston and its impact, The Avenue of Peace came the closest to educating viewers on their connection to Boston. It does the best at informing the public on how their actions have had a lasting impact on history. However, it relies heavily on people downloading an app, which many people will most likely ignore and in my opinion, if all the information is on an app, then the monument itself doesn’t inform the public, but instead the app does. In addition, by just looking at the monument itself, the fountain with the mosaic, you cannot tell that it is and homage to MLK and CSK. The mosaic itself is confusing and doesn’t do justice or invoke thought about either person it is honoring.

I thought that The Ripple Effects is the best choice for this site. It was the most creative, using the space most effectively and visually showing the never ending impact of The Kings with the ripples surrounding the towers. Furthermore, I loved the incorporation of MLK’s last speech with the mound and how it can also serve as a space that can be used for other occasions. This monument also does a very good job at informing the public of MLK and CSK’s accomplishments and important events as a timeline and a monument that invokes thought not only on their achievements but also the lasting impact on history that continues today. The two separate towers the represent each King and show how each had a different and special effect on history that hey accomplished together. Perhaps the most creative part of this monument was the bell and light system that also inform the public of their current impact on not only the world, but also Boston.

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Empty Pulpit Monument

I believe that these monuments don’t have as much to do with Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, as we’d like to believe. I’m saying this simply as a preface that may help to let others understand my opinions a little more clearly. I think the ideas of MLK and CSK are what are truly important, therefore the monument that best suits those will probably be the one that I pick.

They all kind of do similar things in portraying MLK and CSK’s relation to the city of Boston itself. Avenue of Peace and The Ripple Effects have the most words, and the most history that they seem to be trying to portray. So, I guess those do the best job of honoring the couple’s time in the city. However, none of the monuments really seem to thoroughly show much of a connection between them and the city of Boston itself. That is not to say that these monuments don’t show good histories of the couple and their actions, they do. The Ripple Effects even takes it one step further in showing the literal ripple that they both worked to create.

The most interesting part of this, for me at least, is the visual aspect. The designs are all pretty striking, and I would say they are all unique in their own right. Straight off the bat, to me, the least interesting monument visually is Ripple Effects. The idea is really cool, and the creation of a space is powerful. But, it isn’t very striking, and I think something striking would make a better monument.

The Avenue of Peace is a really cool idea, and I love how they work with a change of seasons to help describe the monument, because our seasons are really defined here. I really like the structure in the middle, and the flashy colors are really pretty. But, again, I don’t find it incredibly striking. I would not be upset if it were built, but I want to see something really interesting visually, so I can’t recommend it as the best.

The embrace is great, I love how shiny it is. Most importantly I love the message. It’s all about love. What better can you get? The design is a little clunky, in my opinion. It’s kind of hard to always see definition. Also, I don’t really think it fits with the vibe of the common. It’s almost too flashy. I do think it would be great, but I wouldn’t put it as first choice.

Visually, Boston’s King Memorial is outstanding. The sharp contrast of the black to the rest of the area is eye catching, and it seems to work for a lot of monuments. This reminds me of the Vietnam Memorial in DC, which is a beautiful spot, this even looks a little better. To me, it’s so interesting because it’s almost the opposite of what I imagine a monument to be. It’s understated. I really like that. I would love to have this memorial, but it isn’t my top choice.

I definitely think that the Empty Pulpit Monument is the most interesting. It’s such an unusual design, and it’s so eye catching. The gold juxtaposed with the black draws one’s attention, and the lights work to make it a beacon of hope. I think it’s amazing. My one problem is that I think the “powerful quote” is a little overdone. To me, it’s not really “powerful” because I’ve heard similar things so many times. Other than that, this is for sure the clear winner in my eyes. It’s flashy and creates a beacon of light that just seems so powerful to me. Almost as if the words and actions of MLK and CSK are guiding us to the bright future ahead of us.

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MLK/Coretta Scott King Memorial in Boston

I first believed that The Ripple Effects is the best one, and should be made into the real memorial. While the messages and meanings behind all these ideals are fantastic, The Ripple Effects would be able to both let people reflect on the past and "celebrate Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King - their lives and accomplishments" as the designers put it, but also to engage in dialogue and activism in the future. It is meant for both reflection and development, particularly development of ideas. I think this would honour Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King the most. I also find this proposal the most visually impressive, with it's two towers. However, I also find this out of place with the Boston Commons, as Rainier pointed out. I think that Avenue of Peace will fit in more, while still retaining most of the message from The Ripple Effects. It has the same feeling and mood of reflection, dedication to MLK and CSK, and peacefulness. I think overall The Ripple Effects would be the best in the meaning, but Avenue of Peace is the best in design and actual application.

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Proposal for the MLK Jr. & Coretta Scott King Memorial.

I believe that the best proposal that honors Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King is “The Embrace” by Hank Willis Thomas with the Mass Design Group because of its simplicity of aesthetics and visuals as well as showing the simple idea of connection in general and connection in Boston. Hands joining together has always been a sign of significant community that exemplifies unity and connection simply through physical touch. A small gesture of holding hands would encourage deeper understanding of what it is to have a connection with those around us, especially with those who are not only different whether by physical attributes, but also the different backgrounds and rich history of the inhabitants of Boston and our city. MLK Jr. and his wife’s life’s work was indebted to Civil Rights and the movement that is related to it and being monumental figures who advocated African-American equality, “The Embrace” would be a great way to show connection in its simplest form. There is a photo of Coretta Scott King holding hands with Jackie Kennedy which just shows two people. Two people who are clearly different, but are seeing things the same. “The Embrace” would be the best choice for its deep and meaningful message in a simple presentation and would be a great attraction and source for people to come and learn about their connections, making new ones, and their significance.

Thomas Aquinas
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MLK Proposal

When considering the proposals for the MLK memorial, the reasoning behind the design was most important in my decision. Having read the essays I believed that The Embrace is by far the most impactful and significant in regards to the cause and purpose behind MLK and Coretta Scott King’s movement. The idea of collaboration and the clear passion behind the artist’s motivation becomes apparent when one reads the essay. While the other pieces read like college essays and formulaic proposals, the essay behind The Embrace is far more motivating and truly inspires those who read it. However, because this essay will not be available to those who visit the monument after it is created, it should not be considered as a factor, and instead the aesthetic and informational plaques provide all the relevant factors for my decision. Consequently, I decided that The Ripple Effects would be the most effective monument to celebrate MLK and Coretta King’s legacy. The proposal of two beacon towers that would constantly use bells to inform visitors of emancipation world-wide enables everyone who is there to contemplate truly on the ideal and reality of freedom as it is in the world today. It looks back deeply on MLK and Coretta KIng’s impact through the quotes and plaques displayed at the top of the hill. These plaques written and engraved on the mirror allow the viewer to reflect properly on these famous lines and consider their own impact or influence in the world. This monument is extremely effective in cementing the couple’s lasting effect on the city of Boston. It accomplishes this through its education of the current standings of freedom in the world. In addition, it is linked by a bridge to the monument of the 54th regiment of Massachusetts, which was the first African American regiment in the Civil War. These connections to both past and present allow any visitor to see the origin, and influence of both MLK and Coretta Scott King.

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The Ripple Effects

At first, I had a hard time deciding which proposal would be the most fitting for both MLK’s legacy and the least disruptive to the Common. Although I appreciate the creativeness of all the proposals, I believe that a traditional memorial would be better for this purpose. For this reason, The Boston King Memorial is my least favorite. This memorial is too big and disruptive to the public space. It would do not add much value to Boston and would do barely educate the crowd about Martin Luther King ’s and Coretta Scott King's lives and devotion to justice. This bridge could easily be overlooked and become something people walk across without much thought. Likewise, I think The Embrace does not incorporate enough of an MLK's work and lasting legacy. I do like the idea of love and togetherness, but the bronze statue monument is cumbersome. Although the Avenue Peace does a great job at educating the crowd, it might be a hassle download for people to download a mobile app; furthermore, we live in a world where technology is constantly changing. This proposal is not timeless and could very well become obsolete in the years to come. With that being said, I think the memorial that best represents MLK and CSK’s legacy and is most fitting for space The Ripple Effects. I like the idea of the lights that reflect the words of MLK and activism. I also think that this monument would draw the most attention. Also, The incorporation of the glass serves as a catalyst for self-reflection which would add much value.
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MLK Monument

After exploring all potential monuments, I feel that The Ripple Effect monument would be the best both visually and educationally. I like how the Beacon towers represent King's continued inspiration on the civil rights movement to this day. The sounds of the bells and the light-monitoring of the two towers to show the current threats to King's mission of racial equality and social justice is a great reminder of the current state of this country. The Bridge leading across the Commons past the Beacon Towers inscribed with a chronology of events from emancipation on is an amazing educational experience, while also being very aesthetically pleasing. It also shows the ongoing fight for equality, as Black people are not yet full free in this country. Below this bridge is a glass wall with inspirational sayings and written texts that are meant to be self reflective, which is very important, as the whole point of this monument is to reflect on MLK and his accomplishments and how we can continue his legacy.

I also love how this monument serves to honor both MLK and Coretta Scott King, as she is not often recognized for her role in fighting for the rights of all people. It is very cool and modern that part of the monument will be underground. I think this will attract the youth to come and visit the monument. With the two Beacon Towers having the lights, the monument will be able to be seen from very far way, emphasizing its importance and adding to its visual appeal. The mound creates an experience leading to the mountaintop, similar to MLK's part of his speech where he mentions the mountaintop. In comparison to the other potential monuments, I feel that this one is the most aesthetically pleasing by far, but also it uses its visual appeal in a way that is educational and especially meaningful, with the inspirational quotes and the bells and lights. It is a very well rounded monument with all aspects that will attract all types of people.

As shown in the mock diagrams of the monument, there are people of all ages gazing and admiring all parts of the monument, which is what I believe will happen if this monument is chosen as the Boston MLK Monument. It will inspire for generations to come, which is exactly what Dr. King intended on doing.

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I believe the best monument for the site would be Boston’s King Memorial by Adam Pendelton, Adjaye Associates, Future|Pace and David Reinfurt. The reason why this monument is what I consider the best for the site is because of how much it opens up the park. The large bridge being added because of this design would work wonders in allowing many people to see the Commons. This functionality makes this piece the best suited for the environment, even though it may not be the most artistic or most educational.

The best monument to honour MLK and Coretta Scott King's time in Boston is, in my opinion, Avenue of Peace by Yinka Shonibare and Stephen Stimson Associates because of what is learned when walking through this memorial. In this memorial, the life of Coretta and MLK is explained up to the point where they go to Boston (or at least that's what I believe it goes up to). It does what the other monuments don't really do and discuss their time in Boston, which leads me to believe this monument is the best for honouring their time in Boston.

The one that is the most impressive from an aesthetic point of view is hands down the Empty Pulpit Monument by Barbara Chase-Riboud. The monument's gold top coupled with the black base makes for a nice color scheme, and the quote on the sculpture is beautiful as well. The design on the backside of the gold tower is very cool as well, the bulges add to the seemingly flat design. However, this piece really shines at nighttime, when lights come on aimed into the night sky. The lights make the monument pop, adding to its beauty.

Finally, I believe the most effective one when it comes to educating the viewer about their connection to Boston is Avenue of Peace by Yinka Shonibare and Stephen Stimson Associate. I believe the app that the monument encourages you to download is a bit annoying, however at the same time it makes you engaged. You have to download this app, making you more inclined to pay attention because you spent time to download a seemingly pointless app. By doing this, the viewer is now engaged with the topic at hand. Coupling this engagement with the loads of information the app gives you, like their life story up to meeting in Boston, and the monument comes out on top in terms of educating the viewers about the connection they have to Boston. Besides just the app, the monument also gives those willing to sit down for a little bit the ability to learn about crucial events in the Civil Rights Movement and more, making this monument filled to the brim with things to see and learn.

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The Best MLK memorial for Boston

Undoubtedly, the best MLK memorial concept for Boston is one that strikes a perfect balance between a broad landscape, and a more focused object. It is one that is not entirely abstract, yet not entirely straightforward wither. It is one that is both contemporary, and honoring of our past and history. The only monument that can fit this description, and the best choice for the Martin Luther King Jr/Coretta Scott King memorial, is the "Empty Pulpit Monument", with "the ripple effect" coming close in second place.

It is not that the other proposals are lacking, it's just that this one strikes a chord with me. After all, this is an opinionated post, so I am very much entitled to my strong preferences. Before I can delve into the details, I must first provide an overview of each memorial. Make note that I base my opinion entirely off aesthetic appeal, and ability to educate the public.

First, we address "the ripple effect". This had a very interesting take, as it was designed to be possibly remodeled in the future, and re purposed by the people who engage with it. The Common, after all, is a common ground. It is welcoming, not exclusive. The monument uses nearby benchmarks (such as the Beacon Towers) to contribute to its symbolic nature. However, I don;t trust the public to be able to pick up on the hidden symbolism, and public appeal is a major determining factor. The "journey" aspect to the memorial is brilliant. It utilizes the landscape of the common to create a story, leading up to the summit. The "mountain-top" is an open area, inviting people to connect and socialize over MLK's lasting legacy of human peace and interaction. I personally tend to lean towards more tangible constructs, which makes this abstract, and broad proposal relatively less appealing to me. I must add, though, that considering the purpose of the monument as a large-scale celebration of people, and one that will be imposing enough to become a Boston benchmark (including a tourism go-to), then I can see why this one may be favored.

I prefer to think of myself as a "straight-shooter", so following this nature, I'm going to be very blunt about this next one. The "Boston King's Memorial" is too bland. In a city as developed and as architecturally rich as Boston, it is easy to see how such a proposal would be overlooked as just another cool piece of infrastructure. There is nothing clearly related to Martin Luther King Jr. or Coretta Scott King here, or at least in my eyes. "The Embrace represents the broad idea of human solidarity, but does not address the pure background and struggles of MLK. "The Avenue of Peace" is truly stunning. It looks like something straight out of a futuristic movie. However, if I had not known that it was in honor of MLK, then I would not have been able to draw the connection at all. At the end of the day, although beautiful, it is not as direct as the others.

The "Empty Pulpit Monument" checks all the boxes. It's grand, captivating, symbolic/representative, mysterious, contemporary, and informative. Most importantly, it represents the accomplishments of MLK and CSK both, as they journeyed together to attain the impossible. The ever-so-popular landscape component takes form in the surrounding green hills, on which the public can roam and wander. I love that it isn't completely removed from the common, and that it's still surrounded by dirt and grass. It's almost like a hidden treasure, hidden in nature, yet still visible enough to the public. The various materials pay homage to the likes of Gandhi, one who shared MLK's outlook on reform and life. All in all, it looks good, it feels good, it is good.

The best compromise would be to have a landscape approach, with a gradient leading up to the grandiose monument, coupled with an open space. Basically, utilizing the layout from "the ripple effect" (including the concrete stage, ripple details on the ground, and quotes on the pavements), and having the "empty pulpit monument" front and center in the "mountain-top".

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MLK/CSK Memorial Proposal

Choosing aesthetically, The Embrace did seem the most eye-catching and artistic. I find it important that this memorial not be another bench or form of benches, or even a dull original statue or tower. Especially, since it’s in the center of the common AND it’s a memorial to something, amongst others, everyone should know about and respect; it really has to get people to stop walking and check it out. The color and it’s reflection qualities would definitely draw people to understand what it is that this abstract monument is symbolizing- or maybe it’s just another weird piece of art one of our many great colleges decided to exhibit… again (being as it is, it’s Boston).

I still think the eye-catching characteristic is super worthy, however being completely honest, I didn’t think of whether or not it fully captures MLK and CSK’s works. The theme of embracing and love over hate is very much prominent in MLK’s activism and speeches, but the quality of being informative really is more important. Plus, I’m 100% sure no one’s going to hugging another besides the statue hugging itself. We understand that now, in regards to current events and trends, but people must be informed because keeping such things from history is very much crucial. That’s why there needs to be some part of the memorial that has a stronger activity portion and information service.

Hence, as the popular demands have already exemplified, I also believe The Ripple Effects is the best proposal. And also as most people have mentioned, that specific theme of continuation through the ripples are significant, since unlike every other “dull and boring” statue, people not only understand MLK and CSK’s efforts towards peace but also understand why paying respect to and keeping that in mind is also important. Making sure that you are aware and that everything continues is highly overlooked, even today with the events and rising activism. I’d still like to pay respects to Avenue of Peace, but it’s still really similar to The Embrace’s aesthetic but activation-lacking quality (and the information system being an app also shuts it down). Boston’s King Memorial and Empty Pulpit Memorial were similar to one another for its use of “the mountain” themes in each which is very meaningful. But I still feel like The Ripple Effects does maybe too much which is good. It has my previously mentioned benches, which isn’t too bad for it’s incorporation, the bridge (an aspect similar to Boston’s King Memorial) and the reflections with the words (incorporating The Embrace’s characteristic). All in all, I think it fits most of the proposals in one and since it has so many parts to it, it really doesn’t leave things out while containing that overall picture of “ripples” for continuation.

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