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On view at both the Boston Public Library (Copley branch) and the Bolling Building in Dudley Square in Roxbury through October 16, 2018 are the five finalist proposals for the Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King memorial to be built on Boston Common.

Chosen from numerous submissions, the five finalist proposals for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial are:

A Boston Latin alumnus, Paul English ‘82, founded MLK Boston and, working with a group of prominent folks, has spearheaded this effort.In addition to creating this memorial on the Boston Common, MLK Boston has three additional plans:

  • to create an interactive MLK learning center in Roxbury designed to teach individuals to be change agents/activists in Boston
  • with a $1 million endowment, work with the Twelfth Baptist Church to do MLK-related programming.Martin Luther King, Jr. preached at Twelfth Baptist when he lived in Boston
  • to produce a documentary about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, focusing on their time in Boston.

Given the considerable focus we will have on memorials and monuments throughout the world this year, I thought it was particularly exciting that this finalist exhibition is on view right now.So here’s your task:

  • By October 8, go and see the five finalists’ work at one of the two venues.Take notes on your impressions of each proposal.
  • Write a post in your class section on in which you identify which of the five proposals strikes you as the best one for this site, the best one to honor MLK and Coretta Scott King’s time in Boston, the most impressive idea from an aesthetic/visual standpoint and the most effective one in terms of educating viewers about the couple’s connection to this city.Be very specific and explain your reasoning.
As I mentioned in class, these posts will be sent immediately after they are due to Mr. English and the members of MLK Boston.Your views on this, in other words, will matter!
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